Day 3 of cleaning, Zen mode.

5 May

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I can see it, the place is taking shape.
I can feel it.  The warmth and light coming in from the newly opened windows.

Thumbs up.
Thumbs up.

Enough poetry, lets get down to business.  Today was such a huge break through, the entire south edge of the room and entry way to the basement was cleaned and organized.  Same for the far west wall with the iconic vintage refrigerator and old standing mini closet/furniture/storage thingy.

South Wall Day 3
Southern wall all neat and tidy.
West Wall Store Day 3
West wall, 95% neat and tidy.


The real hero of today’s blog isn’t me (although is should be).  I have to hand it to my new mini vacuum.  It’s another splurge at $22 with its almighty 2.5 horsepower suction and voluminous 2.5 gallon capacity.  The thing is a beast!  Did I ever mention I have no electricity or running water here?  Running this thing ought to be a challenge.  I haven’t even met my neighbor yet to see if I can run a lead cord from his garage.

So I did the next best thing.  No, it wasn’t buy a generator. I’m bootstrapping this venture and blog, I have no $$$ at the moment.
I pulled out the jump pack from my car (parasitic drain so I have to jump it every couple week, yikes) and plugged in the vacuum.  A mighty pair they are.  Putting out a staggering 50 watts, it has just enough suction to grab the dirt and dust off the floor. I loaded it with and easily disposable bag, also to act as a primary filter.

The dynamic duo
The dynamic duo. Jump pack powering a tiny vacuum.

Now for the safety officers out there, I am wearing a HEPA filtered mask and every night when I come home, I take my dusty clothes off before entering my house and then wash them alone.  This vacuum contraption has so little power, after cleaning 80% of the floor, I checked the filter and there’s hardly a spec on it.  Needless to say, I’m sure some lead dust might have been tossed in the air, but probably less than 1% compared to the single gust of wind that tore through the place when opening up the windows…

Only if I had a $400 HEPA certified shop vac and a $500 generator to power it. Dream a little dream.

So here’s the final results after three days of cleaning, hopefully one more solid day to finish “The Store.”

Store Cleaning Day3
360º Panoramic. I <3 my iPhone

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  1. The Gossips of Rivertown May 6, 2014 at 12:23 am #

    Amazing! Bravo, Michael!

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