One room, one week, four bags of garbage, ultimate finds!

14 May

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I have to admit, at first glance and going back to my original walk thru video, I thought there would have been more trash thrown out.  I swear I’m being more vigilant here than even at my own home where not every bit of recyclable material makes it to the bin.  My first two bags were just a bit of everything because I couldn’t even find a place to keep sorted materials.  Eventually I found a sturdy box and began with the paper-made products that were’t historical or salvageable.  Followed by finding a galvanized metal tub to hold all things metal, including hundreds of old nails randomly strewn about the place.  I’d hate to waste a perfectly good Rubbermaid tub, but I sacrificed a perfectly clean one holding colored yarn to hold all my plastic contents.

I’m getting about as OCD as I can get with this process.  Down to individually weighing each bag before disposal.  I’m sure its just the “new shine” of the blog and enthusiasm of the project in its glorified beginnings. I’m sure the luster will wear off soon enough when I get into rooms 3, 4, and so on…

All in all, it took about a full week (not in one shot) worth of labor to clean and organize the store.
Now here’s the breakdown:

Bag #1 – 37.2 lbs.
Bag #2 – 28.9 lbs.
Bag #3 – 32.2 lbs.
Bag#4 – 53.8 lbs. (at least 20 lbs. of salt made it in the bag :/)

Paper Box #1 – 12.4 lbs.
Paper Box #2 – 12.2 lbs.

Metal Bin – 33.6 lbs.

Plastic Bin – 8.6 lbs.

And now, the good stuff!
If you’ve been following my Instagram, I’ve been blasting out a bunch of great finds over the last couple weeks.

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