The almighty Bathroom / Pharmacy

17 May

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With the Store about 99% done, I’m moving on to the next area which is the “Kitchen” and Water Closet. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen.  As if the people who lived here just up and left.


Water Closet Selfie


There are a couple shelves above the toilet containing a plethora of prescriptions, hygiene, and beauty products all dating from 1950’s-60’s.  It’s amazing.  Bottles are still mostly filled with the contents, some of which over time had still held their original shape while others began a slow decay.  The rubber tops for the eye dropper bottles have completely melted away.  I’m pretty sure it had organic compounds in it going back to when they made it from the rubber tree.  Now everything is synthetic and will last “forever.”  There’s also what seem to be the remains of a metal can.  Again, just time, gravity, and the moisture in the air seemed to turn it into a pile of rust.

Metal cans are bio degradable 🙂
Meanwhile, the plastic remains unchanged.
Meanwhile, the plastic remains unchanged.


I think this room remained mostly undisturbed is its lack of access.  The front door was blocked by a few bags and boxes of contents yet to be discovered and the smell of methane rising from the city sewers was intense.  The water from the plumbing fixers evaporated long ago, letting the warm gasses rise up and fill the area.  When I made it to my first clean out day a few weeks ago, I could smell the vapors through my HEPA filtered mask. So I stuffed a crumpled up plastic bag in the toilet bowl to set things right.  Now, that I’m thinking about it while writing this, I need to venture into the basement and close a few more pipes leaking gas as well.  Some cast iron sections were repaired with steel piping and those are long rusted away into dust…

I’m making my way around the first floor, in the hopes of getting the place cleared soon.  With all of these bottles I’ve found (over 80!) that my mind gets to racing with al kinds of ideas of what to do with these items.  I would like to create shadow boxes and  sell them on Etsy, creating a little homage  to the past using authentic and one-of-a-kind items.

Any thoughts? Let me know what you think!

Bonus: There’s a couple pharmacies formally located in Hudson who’s medicine appear on the shelves:

Sobel’s Pharmacy 535 Warren St
Hudson, NY in 1940
Westerman’s Pharmacy 622 Warren St Hudson NY in 1952


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