You can actually see the second floor’s floor!

25 Jun

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Dividing the time between actually doing the work of cleaning the place up and documenting it for this blog feels like a job.  That’s no fun.  After the last post’s weight loss, there has been plenty of room to work and lot’s has been going on.  The main room on the second floor has been completely cleared out, really showing off the square footage!

Immediately coming up the stair, looking left.



Looking straight ahead coming up the stairs, door on the right goes out to the front porch.


You can see the stairwell with the green wall heading out of the right side of the photo.


Panoramice looking back at the stairs, bedroom 1, and bedroom 2.


Full 360º + panoramic of the main room all cleaned out.


I always jump right into the cleaning process, that I forget to do before shots.  Either way, I think you can see the progress.  If you can’t tell the difference from before, just check out the video… again.


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