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Clearing a path, now you can walk through this house

31 Oct

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I haven’t produced a video in some time of the house interior. Here you go for your enjoyment:

Everything in this video need to be gone in two weeks. If it doesn’t get bought or bargained for, it’s gone!

What is it? #3

23 Jun

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Good things come to those who wait.  Now I’m unveiling the third of an unlimited series of mystery objects. So here’s the question; What is it? […]

What is it? #2

8 May

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Another odd find today, rather, multiple finds.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything like this, though you should know that the small circle slides from left to right and acts as an adjustment for the spacing of the two points at the “C” shape end.

What is it?
What is it?


Check out all of these… things.
Check out all of these… things.


Please comment below with your thoughts and pass it on to someone who may know!


—Update 5/9/14—

So I found an accomplice to the mystery item.  Like most things in America, they tend to get cheaper and more disposable as they evolve.  I’ve also included a ruler for reference as to help identify it’s true purpose.

Meet mystery item #2's little brother.  I shall call him "2.1"
Meet mystery item #2’s little brother. I shall call him “2.1”

Day 3 of cleaning, Zen mode.

5 May

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I can see it, the place is taking shape.
I can feel it.  The warmth and light coming in from the newly opened windows.

Thumbs up.
Thumbs up.

Enough poetry, lets get down to business.  Today was […]

What is it? #1

30 Apr

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I’m starting a new category tonight.  May it be the first of many unique items.
First cool find while cleaning the store:

What is it and where did it come from?
What is it and where did it come from?

Sam Kline Footware

Thanks for checking it out and leave your comment below:

The conclusion of the visual tour

29 Apr

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Finally, I take you through the second floor.  It contains a main room right above where we entered on the first.  Then splits in two tiny bedrooms, followed by a full bathroom with claw foot tub and a Master bedroom and walk in closet, that seems surprisingly large given the small square footage.

It also contains my favorite item in the whole place; A Majestic 7 Electric Receiver.  A very cool looking, but probably non functional radio.
Check out the video blew and see if you can follow along the maze.


Bonus info:  Thankfully, a nice neighbor allowed me to borrow his wifi for our wireless camera system throughout the property.  Not that there’s a whole lot of valuables in the place, you can never be too careful.  Someone already stole my garbage can full of scrap metal I cleaned up outside.

A look of the interior, you are not prepared…

24 Apr

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I bought the property only knowing what it looked like from the outside, so I had a feeling there was some craziness going on inside. Nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to encounter after prying off the plywood blocking the entrance into the building.  Check out the video below:


*Bonus:  Having owned the place now for over 6 months and shot the video 5 months ago, I just now got to editing and posting the footage.  This was the first time my wife saw what I got her into. Bless her heart…