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The Struggle is Real

9 Dec

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I can’t believe it has been over a year since my last post and I needed to take some time to reflect the reality of this situation.

Originally, this property purchase and blog was a fun and light hearted journey of mine, while trying to become fiscally secure with income other than trading hours for dollars to earn a living. Then things slowed down when we decided to buy a house and move out of Hudson, something we were comfortable with since 49 Columbia wasn’t a hurry project and we were making the progress with any money we saved from our photography business.

Everything changed on September 30th, 2014 when the house we moved out of and decided to keep as a rental property, further securing our financial future, literally went up in flames. Some things fell through the cracks on our end and insurance isn’t covering the loss so now every dollar we have is being used to try and fix up that house without losing it to foreclosure. It took almost a year before the neighboring property, where the fire originated, finally secured the roof and wall so I could move forward with my place. I just watched the bills get paid month by month, with nothing to show for it.


2015 was supposed to be one of the most successful years of my life. The studio is thriving. Something I am so blessed to be a part of. Yet, I can’t help feel an enormous sense of loss and stress as I realize my bank account has drained by almost $20,000 since the fire in mortgage costs and repairs. I can’t help but wonder what 49 Columbia would look like right now if everything had gone as planned. It’s not how you act when everything goes right, it’s how you react when it all goes wrong. I’m a fighter, and I’m going to things back on track. 2016 is going to be a fury of work, play, and ambition to the likes I have never put myself though.



I’ve spent the last year on a few other endeavors trying to creating side businesses. This is another reason 49 Columbia sat off to the side of my to-do list. We have no major capital to do these big things, so I started some little things.

The Photographer Success Story is a podcast I created in December, 2014. I interviewed 10 photographers in the Capital Region to let them tell their story. Podcasting is a profitable business when done right (like most businesses). I started off in a flurry of interviews, editing, and preparing for streams of revenue. Failure to get my website up and running due to technical problems with the type of theme I purchased really put a damper on things. I didn’t get the traffic I needed and lost momentum. Then I lost the time, which is all I really have in the winter months due to the nature of my photography business.

The one thing that’s been keeping me focused on not letting these assets go is my boy. My wife gave birth to our second child, a wonderful little hunker named Jarem in May. There’s nothing like being responsible for another human being and knowing deep inside that you’re going to do everything you can to ensure their survival.

Lastly, I’m publishing a list of my projects and dreams on my to-do list for 2016. I feel by writing it down and publishing it, I’ll be more accountable.

  • Molinski Photography – Continue to refine the business, remove myself as the bottleneck and build a team
  • 236 Allen St – Finish the repair, sell the property
  • KS Fitness – I’m a partner in this new business just up the street from my photography business; grow this with an international online presence while teaching classes locally
  • 90 Day Reset Academy – A subdivision of KS Fitness; a blueprint to help people get onto the right path for nutrition, fitness, and mental well-being.
  • The Photographer Success Story – Start interviewing photographers again, get the website up and running, build a team and let the chips fall where they may
  • 49 Columbia – Use the income from the sale of 236 Allen to invest in the complete overhaul of the property
  • Invent something – I have a book of ideas and I need to bring one to life

Looks like a tall order to fill and the one thing that I’m putting above all else is family. I know I need to do these things to ensure a comfortable future for all of us, but I don’t want to lose the time I have with them and miss their childhood. It’s a different generation than that of my parents and grandparents. I’m going to do it all.

How to put up temportary sheeting over a window frame

5 May

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I really think this day was the most exciting so far.  The progress was remarkable and I can really feel the zen starting to kick in.  Most of all, I can see in the place!

One of the two boarded up windows was opened again, showering the place with some nice morning sun on the eastern facing front of the building.  I did this at […]