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One room, one week, four bags of garbage, ultimate finds!

14 May

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I have to admit, at first glance and going back to my original walk thru video, I thought there would have been more trash thrown out.  I swear I’m being more vigilant here than even at my own home where not every bit of recyclable material makes it to the bin.  My first two bags were just a bit of everything because I couldn’t even find a place to keep sorted materials.  Eventually I found […]

Day 3 of cleaning, Zen mode.

5 May

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I can see it, the place is taking shape.
I can feel it.  The warmth and light coming in from the newly opened windows.

Thumbs up.
Thumbs up.

Enough poetry, lets get down to business.  Today was […]

A day of cleaning, almost 6 hours non stop

30 Apr

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After shooting two weddings over the weekend, I took some time off from one job to concentrate on another.

I attempted to get started a couple weeks ago.  Walking around the outside, picking up the litter, new and old.  Having one garbage can with a liner for the trash, another for all the rusted metal scattered around the place.  I managed to […]